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EC Russian Alphabet

Also on Google PlayEasy CardsMaybe you are in the same situation as I am. I travel many hours every day and I always want to utilize my time effectively for instance for learning foreign languages.

In the past I used to carry with me paper cards having an expression on one side and its translation on the other side. But soon I had hundreds of them. Luckily we live in time of cell phones and these paper cards can be virtual. I call them Easy Cards.


So, let me introduce you "EC (Easy Cards) Russian Alphabet". It is an easy to use application that will teach you Russian alphabet called Cyrillic and more than 60 most important phrases in a very effective way. At the end of the course you will be capable of basic conversation and have a solid foundation for further studies.

What does EC Russian Alphabet bring you

EC Russian Alphabet will introduce you into a wonderful and completely new world. Russian is a country that has to be seen. Its people are proud of their identity and the Cyrillic as their alphabet is called is a fundamental basis of their culture. This application will teach you how to read all letters of the Cyrillic alphabet and will allow you to try and train your new knowledge right at the same place on more than 60 most used phrases. The phrases were selected by me so I guarantee there is no useless phrase at all.

Lite version

Lite version of EC Russian Alphabet is available here.

Full version

Price: 2.89 $

How to work with EC Russian Alphabet

- Using EC Russian Alphabet is very simple. The very first screen you will see is also the most important one:

EC Russian Alphabet - main

- the upper section displays a word you have to match to the correct expression in the lower section.

- you can use zoom in and zoom out functionality to set up the text size

- go into preferences to select between different vocabulary sets

- use "Learning History" button to view your success rate with the current vocabulary set

- use "Reset" button to start the learning process over

EC Russian Alphabet - prefferences

- use checkboxes to switch the sound and vibration on and off

- use checkbox #1 to switch vibrations on/off

- use checkbox #2 to switch between two modes - guessing meaning of unknown word and opposite.

- in the list of vocabulary files check the files you want to learn

- use long-click on file time to examine its content

Learning History

Vocabulary - Cyrillic


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